Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Fantasy Is Improbable BUT The Internet Is Broadening Our Vocabulary


Humankind (read finite beings) is built of fallback positions, alternate, and spare parts.

So ‘the dalliance’ is sometimes the key to peak performance.

It is character that makes it all work to the greater good.

And character that is forced to stand, alone, will suffer the effects of isolation (which are often limiting).


This is an interesting photo stream that forshadows what could become a 'Gender Bender' tidal wave.

12,859,685 All Time Restricted Views All-Star Team (Thanx!) - a set on Flickr
which can be viewed here

the nude female - whether live, in art, a visual image, pornography, or now -on the Internet in uncountable millions of sights, Links, and websites -has a compelling power to soothe and relax the mind, while causing the blood to race in a way that is perhaps the "most unique" quality of humanity.

'til now that knowledge has been mostly focused upon and utilized by marketers, and governments.

Those days (and nights) ARE "OVER"!  or to put it more "mod" ly "SO OVER"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Great I AM Is

Attached To Detachment (lol)

Who, among us, has experienced even a moment of true detachment? - No preconceptions, no prejudices, no bias, no preferences, no false certainty, only openness of mind to observe and see what is!

This does not require cancellation of experience, knowledge, intelligence or sensitivity – merely a ‘disconnect’ from the past while evaluating the present - honestly and sincerely based on what is now