Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Moment Of Discovery Is Passive - Revelation always comes as 'effect' - not Cause- because I am finite.

About ten years ago I moved from New Mexico to Hawaii to retire in Paradise.
Many years ago I attended an EST seminar in Chicago (the Werner Erhardt self improvement deal).  It was enlightening and, of course, worth while. The fulcrum of the "Event" was the communal effort/struggle to get "IT"while under the supervision of an EST trainer (who had been trained by Werner).
One of the psychological tecniques was the presentation, and sometimes mutual discovery, of 'aphorisms."
One of the more interesting of those was, "Being Right is the Booby Prize."

But, I feel that perhaps I digress. 
The beauty of it all includes an ongoing realization that I am not in control.  My own experience has been that if I relax with an open mind (a real challenge 'til I recently 'grew up') I receive messages that will direct me unerringly tward goodness and rightness if I receive/grasp/ the messages, which come like lightening.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Let’s Just Say

It started with a pragmatic approach a long long time ago.

In order to keep the effects of testosterone on the owner/generator of the magic fluid from hurting himself or others-castration is devised as a way to convert a dangerous fuel into a harmless and beneficial form of uniques (read eunuchs).

Then, in our generation creative genius, movie moguls and other mercenary entrepreneurs, came up with a way to convert willing and beautiful guys into willing and beautiful girls-transgendering is devised.