Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mercenary Motives, Prejudice, and Unlawful Discrimination in America Today

This is such a heavy and deadly serious Adult subject
That I choose to begin with a wild and crazy hypothetical
As Hyperbole goes, let's just say that based on a lifetime of
Information and belief I now think that GIRLS GONE WILD
Is the brand name used for a Semitic (or possibly anti -Semitic)
Amazingly Successful Funds raising Project for Fun(d) and Profit
That continues to grow day by day, and is now spreading worldwide
On the Internet -

Employing beautiful ( and sometimes not so beautiful) gentile boys who
Are transgendered from M2F for the purposes of the Project on a rather
Remarkable Scale . .

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  1. Contemplate
    And perhaps
    Then meditate
    About the implications