Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pillars of The TEMPLE OF HYPOCRISY Are Coming Down

This version was emailed to Google Docs Jan 24, 2011:
This is the very beginning of this story and the use of Docs is yet to be seen.

Transgender (M2F) Women and their associates have created an entire genre of Internet Images of Females In Erotic Positions and Situations, which have skewed the public perception of the role(s) of women in the cultures of the world. This will impact our ideas of beauty and sexuality and gender roles.
It is inevitable now, and can include anything and everything from the sublime to the barbaric - depending on humanity.

IN THE WEST, and especially the United States, this comes within the parameters of freedom of speech, thought and expression.
It remains to be seen how this will be perceived and received in more repressive regimes.

Tolerance is based on acceptance of some kind. Acceptance does not mean agreement, but much of the thinking in the world today does not accommodate this.

Freedom is based on political tolerance; obviously Not ON SUPRESSION or coercion for controlling thought or speech or expression of others, (whether popular or unpopular).

The Sacred, The Secular, and The Sexual are coming together to bring down the pillars of the TEMPLE of HYPOCRISY.

(Special Interests be damned, full speed ahead.)

A version is about to be posted in with a LINK to a tumblr blog filled with examples of the kind of images mentioned.

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