Sunday, April 24, 2011


To My Mind The Serpent In The Garden of Eden Allegory Represents My

ego . . .

The image of the serpent/ego is beguiling and also a bit frightening.

Until the moment of the tasting of the forbidden fruit there had been no reason for fear (and so no fear consciousness). It is interesting to philosophize/speculate about the possibility that a twinge of ‘fear’ entered the picture when the serpent made its proposal.

According to the discussion in the Bible the Holy Spirit knows not of fear, but ‘can cast out fear’ in a mortal mind.

How is this possible if the mortal mind has freedom of choice? The obvious answer is that the power is available, but must be accepted and allowed to work.

So then, casting out fear requires the combined auspices of the finite mind and the infinite mind.

Is fear a constituent of opportunism?

Well, isn’t opportunism basically defensive?

It seems to me to be a form of self-protection

Against the vagaries of the future.

One might then ask, “Is that bad or good?”

Before eating of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, the answer would be “I Don’t Know.”

After eating of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good,

And Evil –the answer would be, “Sit down son/daughter/auntie/uncle and

Let me tell you how the cow ate the cabbage” – so to speak.

(Because ‘I DON’T THINK, I KNOW’!)

After Easter, the answer is vastly different. The words are the same, but the intonation has changed completely to “I don’t think I know.”

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