Sunday, November 22, 2009

A conundrum is a kind of condom for the mind - It prevents conception - UNLESS IT LEAKS

De minimus is a finite concept (from the mind of mankind)
Da Kine is an infinite concept (from the mind of God)

It takes a village to raise a child
It takes a village to create a child
It takes a village to create a mind
It takes a village to use a mind

Literally true is not true
Virtual reality is not reality

Perfect is a miracle
Perfect is always
A miracle is always perfect

Creation is a miracle

It is literally true that
He knows when a sparrow
Falls from the sky

And it is literally true
That all have sinned and fallen short
Of the Glory of God

How shall they be saved
If they have not heard?

How shall they hear
If they know not how to listen

He who has ears
To hear
Let him hear…

If an ear listens in the forest
But there is no mind there to ‘hear’
Is there a sound???


  1. ...and what about Abel ?

    in US there is no duality..

  2. in Hawaiian 'English'
    'da kine' is a universal word/sound
    which means whatever the context requires
    and the 'meaning' is different for every
    speaker and listener . . .