Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jabberwocky . . . or NOT

Well, Bless my soul

King Milinda:
Is there such a thing as a soul?
What is this O King, The Soul?
King Milinda:
The living principle within that:
sees forms through the eye
experiences taste through the tongue
smells odour through the nose
feels touch through the body
and discerns things through the mind?
.......just as we are sitting here in the Palace can look out of any window of which we wish to look. Through the East window, the West window, the South window or the North window?
Nagasena: I will tell you about the five doors, O Great King. Listen and give heed.
.......If the living principle within sees form through the eyes in the manner that you mentioned, choosing windows as it likes, can it not then be said, that not only can it see forms through the eyes but also through the other five organs of sense? Choosing to see forms through the organ of taste, perhaps?.
King Milinda: No Sir.
Nagasena: Then these powers are not united indiscriminately(not interconnected). Now as we are seated here in the palace with these windows all thrown open, and in full daylight, if only we stretch forth our head, we can see all kinds of objects plainly. Can the living principle, with the door of the eyes open wide, discern not only sight but also experience taste, hear sound and discern conditions?.
King Milinda: No Sir
Nagasena: Then this living principle, these powers, are not interconnected indiscriminately. They are not united. Now, Great King, if Dinna here were to go outside and stand in the gateway, would you be aware that he had done so?..
King Milinda: Yes. I should know it.
Nagasena: If the same Dinna were to come back again and stand before you, would you be aware of his having done so?.
King Milinda: Yes. I should know it.
Nagasena: So the same, O Great King, would the living principle be able to discern in the same manner as mentioned above, if anything possessing flavor were laid upon the tongue, and that it becomes aware of it's sourness, it's sweetness, it's saltiness or it's pungency?.
King Milinda: Yes. It would.
Nagasena: But when the flavor had passed into the stomach would it still be able to discern these things?.
King Milinda: No it would not.
Nagasena: Then these powers are not connected unto each other indiscriminately.
Suppose a man were to be tied up, with his mouth closed up, and thrown into a big pot filled with honey, and being unable to taste, would the man still be able to tell what was it that he is being thrown into?.
King Milinda: No Sir.
Nagasena: And why not, O Great King?
King Milinda: Because the honey could not get into his mouth.
Nagasena: Then these powers are not interconnected unto each other indiscriminately.
It is by reason, O King, of the eye and of forms that sight arises and then followed by contact, sensation, idea, thought, abstraction, sense of vitality and attention......all these arises simultaneously with it's predecessor and the same cause and effect applies to the

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  1. . . other sense doors too. And so herein there is no such thing as a soul."

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