Friday, June 5, 2009


Tonight, while sleeping, I experienced a group of travelers together in some place. There was a commonality of purpose, and a friendly camaraderie.

The atmosphere was that of a cruise where no one had any fear of the others, and there was an absence of selfish concerns or ‘hidden agenda’ withholds.

People were milling around and in circulation, and were housed in cabins of from two to four per cabin.

I was staying in a cabin with a vibrant, unthreatening man and wife. We were just beginning to become acquainted when on the evening of the third or fourth day of our sojourn, as we were preparing for bed, the woman spoke to me while sitting on the edge of her bed while her husband was in the bathroom. “Ed thinks that we should all be sleeping together", she said, quietly. It was a surprising, but not alarming remark.

I replied that such an idea was not at all repellent to me, but suggested a kind of experience that was not anywhere in my history, and so caused me pause.

As we continued to chat quietly, Ed came into the sleeping room with his usual air of confidence. The woman, who I prefer to call Jane, said to him, Robert is considering our suggestion.
Ed said to me enthusiastically, “Good.”
We were all in our night clothes, and he sat down on their bed to continue our conversation.
Friday, June 5, 2009

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