Friday, June 12, 2009


I have a niece (my sister’s daughter) who is the personification of INNOCENCE DOING FINITE HARM (which we call ‘evil’)…

Her name is Sarina Sue. She was a beautiful, spiritual, dissonant little girl, after being a kind of cherub with horns as a child.

When she and her girl friend were gang raped in a local park, as and by young teens - her only question was –
why did they all rape her and only some raped me?


  1. Sarina Sue lives in a wheelchair as a paraplegic since her stroke.
    This is an homage to her.

  2. Sarina went by the name, Sarina 'til she was emerging from her teens. Then she changed her name to "Sue"

    She had three daughters and a son.
    Her oldest daughter, Alice, was a DOUBLE VIRGIN SUICIDE...

  3. while Sarina was still a toddler she and her Mom were coming home from the grocery on a Sunday evening during a thunderstorm.
    As they pulled into the driveway of their home, they both watched, astonished, as a bolt of lightening struck Sarina Sue's father in the front yard of their home, and killed him instantly...