Saturday, June 6, 2009


Once, when I was a young attorney in a downtown law firm I was on the street when a parade was passing by. I pressed my way to the front of the onlookers standing alongside the parade route and found myself right behind, and very close to a young attractive woman. We watched the parade ‘together’ – me behind her and making frequent physical contact – pleasurable and not resisted at all in front or back.
Just as the parade was ending (no pun) a lawyer friend of mine younger even than me arrived and said, -“Oh, Robert, I’d like you to meet my wife”- he introduced me to the lovely lady just in front of me.

On another occasion during the same time period, I was on the street because a woman attorney friend/adversary of mine phoned me at my office and said. “Are you busy right now?” For her, always “No,” so she said “I am looking out my office window right now and they are filming a Hollywood movie down below in the atrium of the underground shopping mall. I thought you might want to come over.”
I did, and while I was standing in the crowd watching an artistic type came over and said to me, “Are you with us?” To which I replied, in all honesty, “No.”
The director of the film then said to me, “if you would like to be, come to the Hilton Hotel in the morning at 6:00 am, and if you have a beret, bring it!” Without pausing he moved back to where Katherine Ross was ready for a ‘take.’
The next morning I was at the Hilton wearing my beret purchased in Paris on a recent trip. Short story long – that day I shot a scene with Sean Connery at the Albuquerque International Airport – which was being used by the film company as a Paris airport. When the footage actually appeared in the movie I received a check in payment for my performance.
However, I consider the whole experience an failed experiment as a “Mouthpiece.” Because it was not a speaking role, I was not able to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Apropos to many of my adventures 'on the street' The Title of the film was "WRONG IS RIGHT"

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