Friday, June 5, 2009

Fear As Motivator - An Idea Whose Days Are Numbered

It would be enlightening for human kind to consider the extent to which marriage is motivated by fear.

Marriage is the root of evolution and preservation of the species.
Fear is at the base of the famous “fight or flight” decision.

The so-called fear factor clearly has some relevance in the defense of individuals, family, countries, ideals, property and anything else worth defending.

It is estimated by the media that approximately one third of the population of Cairo paid heed on Thursday to a speech by President Obama, delivered at a University in Cairo.

I saw and heard the address on television from my home in Honolulu. I think that it is the most important speech of my lifetime, by any head of state, and possibly one of the most important in human history.
Obviously, it was made possible in part by human history, but I doubt that any other person living today could have made that speech today with the effectiveness and validity provided by President Obama.

On the same day, Rush Limbaugh, American commentator, stated publicly from the forum of his daily ‘talk show’ in the United States that if the terrorist organizations of the world want to destroy the United States as it is known today they will have to hurry, because if they don’t President Obama will beat them to it.
This came in one of Limbaugh’s uniquely colorful, ignorant, and irresponsible free speech ‘demonstrations’.

It was another historic day on earth…

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