Sunday, July 5, 2009

Millennium Fireworks – JULY 4, 2009

For several years passed I have enjoyed watching the annual Beach Front Fourth of July fireworks display from the window of my 14th floor studio facing the ocean and Waikiki beach.
Long before retiring to Hawaii I discovered the mystical magic of Fourth of July in Honolulu. The Spirit of Aloha pervades the island all day on that day in a special way. Families set up tents and camping areas all around in the beachfront park; beginning the night before and continuing from early on the morning of the fourth there is beautiful family camaraderie, family celebrating and fireworks, picnics, swimming in the ocean and playing on the beach.

Earlier this year, it was necessary for me to relocate to a nearby senior housing building with lower rent. My new apartment is on the fourth floor and faces the mountain – away from the ocean, so I was resigned to missing out on the Independence Day Celebration this year.

This Saturday night, as I sat at my computer looking out the window into the night sky I suddenly, and completely unexpectedly, saw an awesome kaleidoscope of motion and color reflected to me from the windows of tall buildings near me, and those running on up the mountain in to the distance.
I could hear the sounds from the beach. I opened the window and the explosions sounded like a distant military battle,but the mountainside air was not smoke filled as I always experienced the fourth of July in the past.
It was the most sophisticated, awesome, Independence Day Pyrotechnic Art Show I have ever witnessed!

…soon it will be very early on Sunday morning here, as Saturday night in Paradise gently winds down..
I can only say, ALOHA and Mahalo

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