Thursday, July 2, 2009



All my life I have received messages in and from my mind.

From a very early age I could recognize and appreciate certain messages of importance, without understanding why.

For example, in junior high school (middle school) when a teacher spoke about vicarious experience, I had never heard of this before, I knew instantly that it would become an important lifetime concept for me.

All through school, I could do research for a class and feel that I was guided to the material that was important for me.

After graduating from law school and being married for almost 20 years, I attended a Werner Erhard EST Seminar in Denver for two weeks. The basic lesson for me was that when people feel that they are in a safe place, they become more relaxed, more sincere, and more honest.

I was living in Albuquerque and one rule of the seminar was Do Not attend in your hometown.
Another rule was come alone.
The stated objective of the seminar was for each person in attendance to ‘GET IT’ !

The instructors were superb. The space was completely controlled, right down to repositioning each folding chair, and ‘policing’ the space during every break- (by EST personnel).

The underlying theme was – “Being Right Is THE Booby Prize” in life.

I grew up in the First Baptist Church in Albuquerque because Mother, at a young age placed myself and my younger brother into the hands of a neighbor who was a member, and asked her to Shepard us into the church family.

The family, church, community, and school networks supplied my friends and me with a foundation for life.

I am being treated for Alzheimer’s Disease, and I was advised to exercise my brain and my mind.

Recalling my life is the method I chose.

The experience has been grueling physically as well as mentally and psychically. It has been going on now for over 5 years.

I am a better person now, than I was 5 years ago, but that has been true all my life.

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