Thursday, July 16, 2009


All my life, my friends have thought privately (although not in these words) that my mind should be against the law -for the good of ‘others’ – Except for one near genius, Christian lawyer who worked in my law office just after receiving his law degree.

My friends think of themselves correctly as “longsuffering” - but they mistakenly believe I am the source of their long suffering patience.

And even then, NO GRATITUDE.

I don’t know why I love them, but I have good reasons.

I know that each of them simply believes that they know and I don’t.

My question is why is every one of them so self-deluded and hypocritical?
They all make the same argument to me – “If everyone else has the same opinion don’t you think the problem must be you?”

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  1. WE, in this generation are experiencing a paradigm shift that requires reexamining our conventional wisdom. In many cases we will find that it (conventional wisdom) is not incorrect, but we sure misunderstood what it means.