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The image I have chosen for my computer desktop today is an image of a fb friend, Cindy Milagros, with some of her students in a Dance of Life Ballet Class
In South America.
I call it:

Tuesday July 28, 2009:
I have been in the gravitational pull, and breathing atmosphere
Of the earth for seventy-two consecutive years.

I am announcing today (NO PRESS CONFERENCE PLEASE)
“I Am Raring To Go!”

Here, for no particular reason, is an anecdote from my life:
It is in the Autobiography I am writing:

…It’s about the time I had been in Cairo for an extended period,
On a business trip as an attorney,
on behalf of a Corporate Client in NYC.

I was negotiating a joint venture agreement between an all Jewish
New York City Corporation listed on the NYSE, and a group of
Arab investors in Kuwait,
to build a state of the art production facility in Egypt.

After arriving for a scheduled two-week stay in Cairo,
I learned that Arabs only do business with ‘friends’, -and it takes longer than two weeks, for them to decide if you are a friend or not…

I was booked at the world-famous Mena House Hotel across the road from the Great Pyramids at Giza, just outside Cairo.
I would sometimes ride an Arabian horse into the Sahara just after sunrise, as morning recreation…

Our ‘middleman’ was an Iraqi businessman who lived in Albuquerque.
We were not able to do any business for the first two weeks,
Despite daily meetings with our Arab contacts in Cairo.

Then, once they decided they would be friends with me,
It became necessary for my client rep and I to travel to Kuwait City, which was only legally accessible then,
By invitation from a Kuwaiti citizen.

Our trip stretched into a month; my client was paying as much in gratuities to the desk clerk at the hotel as the room rate cost,
-Just to keep us in the hotel, - which was always fully booked.
There were daily scenes in the lobby involving people
Who thought they had a room booked, but were told that due to
Some mistake there was no room for them…

Then, I received word from my ex-wife in Albuquerque
That my eighty-year-old Father was in the hospital,
With a life threatening medical emergency, and I should come home immediately.

Booking a flight from Cairo to Albuquerque on short notice is never simple. On the morning I was to take an early flight out of Cairo,
My taxi driver had to abandon the usual traffic routes in the city (which operate on the basic Arab premise of Ensha Allah,
– Which means “Whatever Allah Wills,” –
– This is also the basis for the basic Egyptian traffic rule –
– ‘First Vehicle into any space always has the right-of-way’).

My Taxi Driver, therefore, creatively used the relatively quiet and uncrowded Railroad tracks running to the airport, as his ‘freeway’.
As we bumped and bounced over the railroad-tie-‘highway’,
Watching for trains, it occurred to me that, Helen Keller once said, ‘Life is nothing, if not an Adventure’.

When I arrived back in Albuquerque I went straight to the hospital room, where my Father had been laying quietly for days.
I entered his room and my Mother said to the nurse in the room, “This is my son, Robert”, - to which my Father responded weakly, without opening his eyes, “He’s my son too.” Then…
The nurse, as women are wont to do, came in, on cue, with
“He still has a sense of humor.”

Which I believe is true of both of us; -but there was a difference.

I never saw my Father angry or rude at any time in his whole life.
As for me, jocularity has always been my greatest weakness...

After my Father recovered, I flew to New York City to report to the client on my Middle East trip.
Evidently the news had preceded me, because when I arrived in their Board Room, atop Rockefeller Center, --as I entered the room in my usual unacceptable casual sports jacket with an open shirt, the President of the Company stood, in his dark three piece suit, and announced to the members of the Board -“Gentlemen It is Mr. Hanna, -Please remove your neckties,” And they did, deftly, …
Without removing their vests.

When I was born, the automobile was a new invention. The railroad had just completed a track across America, and radio and newspapers were the ways we ‘got the news’.

Today I have really great facebook friends all over the world.

We have met the millennium and it is we- (to paraphrase Pogo). -
Archeologically speaking, - As in –“Digging The Ween’s”- (“The US or We” is explored from clues unearthed centuries from now -in a very funny skit performed on air years ago.)

Today I had a discussion with a lady friend about Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Woody’s (relatively speaking) new wife.
We talked about how Woody could have received the prestigious
Felipe Prince of Austria Award in view of his damaged public image in the same year that Mia Farrow accused him of child abuse involving her adopted Asian daughter, - who is now Woody’s wife.

In my (not so) humble opinion.

Procreation at a phenomenal rate has been an essential element of evolution.
Computerized Virtual experience is a quantum leap over Vicarious experience
Because of the universal worldwide virtual contact factor created by the Internet.

Mutation is a fact of nature, when the environment changes dramatically.
And Energy is never wasted. (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction)

Sexuality is also evolving. (Sexuality had been primarily sensual, -but now we know that Sensuality is probably not primarily sexual)

Anyone who believes the universe is a random series of random events is a ‘throwback,’ …to say the least…(in New Mexico, where I grew up, that is the opposite of a ‘keeper.’ It is a reference to fishpole fishing.)
Survival of the fittest is a law of nature, but it is not limited to physical quality.

Any alert, thinking person who has looked at life through childhood, and then for a meaningful part of adulthood should ‘Snap’
to the reality that we live in an ordered universe,
And it could not possibly be by random selection…

Formal education usually adds some light inside the brain:
Id, ego, and super-ego are the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche; they are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction mental life is described.
According to this model, the uncoordinated instinctual trends (chaos theory, if you will,) are the "id";
the organised realistic part of the psyche is the "ego," and the critical and moralising function the "super-ego." [1]
Even though the model is "structural" and makes reference to an "apparatus", the id, ego, and super-ego are functions of the mind rather than parts of the brain and do not necessarily correspond one-to-one with actual somatic structures of the kind dealt with by neuroscience.
The concepts themselves arose at a late stage in the development of Freud's thought: the structural model was first discussed in his 1920 essay "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" and was formalised and elaborated upon three years later in his "The Ego and the Id." Freud's proposal was influenced by the ambiguity of the term "unconscious" and its many conflicting uses.
The Id comprises the unorganised part of the personality structure that contains the basic drives. The id acts as a pleasure principle: - when not compelled by reality it seeks immediate enjoyment (i.e. satisfaction).[3] In a profound paradox, it is focused on self concern And instant self-gratification.
Personality, as Freud saw it, was produced by the conflict between biological impulses and social restraints that were internalised.[4][5] The Id is unconscious by definition, In Freud's formulation. Paraphrased from Freud,
New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (1933)]

To say, even sincerely, that all this is handled at the personal level by simply calling one’s self an agnostic is inadequate in the extreme.
To choose, voluntarily, to declare one’s self to be an atheist demonstrates the most extreme form of a psychological condition known as projection, - which is recognized as a coping technique based on strictly personal considerations.
It is essential for each of us to recognize that projection is a strictly personal, non-reality based technique to further one’s understanding, and adjustment to, difficult circumstances. It has no other purpose.
So, please let us reason together in our mutual interest…

1) Some generally accepted knowledge gleaned from serious study, by educated experts, says that:
A. All religions of the world have the same basic principles
B. Holy Scripture can best be understood as allegory.
C. Finite and Infinite are worlds apart.
D. A finite mind cannot understand the infinite.
E. The infinite, which, for us, is a concept, facilitates finite discourse and theory by its very existence.
F. The best we can say about our understanding of infinite is that we know it to be ineffable and ubiquitous.
2) So then, WHAT NEXT - as we are in a/the new millennium?

FLASH BACK – What else?
(Hastily Written After My VA Doctor Up’d My Alzheimer’s Prescription)
An original manuscript written & copyright © 2008 by Robert Cecil Hanna in Paradise (State of Hawaii).
No part of this manuscript (form or content) may be copied or reproduced by anyone other than the author without written permission.


Perfection is all-inclusive; it is complete, whatever those words mean, in the context.
In this case, a 14TH floor Studio Apartment in Honolulu, rent paid through the end of the month; an inspiring 24/7 Ocean View from my Computer desk; the window overlooking world famous Kalakaua Avenue, the city skyline, and lots of sky; a scenic, constantly changing easy, flower perfumed walk, to Waikiki Beach, where citizens of the world gather and happily celebrate life daily. PLUS, every thing else is just across the street, around the corner, or available on the Internet.

Furthermore, Marc D. Hauser, professor of psychology, organismic and evolutionary biology, and biological anthropology at Harvard believes that “policy wonks and politicians should listen more closely to our intuitions and write policy that effectively takes into account the moral voice of our species.”
Biologists, he thinks, are in a position to amplify this voice. For they have discovered evidence of the existence of what Hauser sometimes calls “a moral organ” and sometimes “a moral faculty.”
This area of the brain is “a circuit, specialized for recognizing certain problems as morally relevant.” It incorporates “a universal moral grammar, a toolkit for building specific moral systems,” according to Hauser.

I know that morality and sexuality probably first hooked up in the Garden of Eden, and are (still) probably the two most powerful and ‘reliable’ engines driving our finite ingenuity.
I wonder if “Hauser” and/or Harvard are investigating a possible application of chaos theory to the operations of the human brain –and/or the human mind.
The brain can be put in a jar, and the mind is ineffable.
My ‘thinker capacity’ and curiosity stem from an unbroken mental, and now medical (at least since I began taking the Alzheimer’s medication), history - stretching back to my earliest memory:

My opening memory is of a mystifying ‘stiff sensation’ between my legs, while nursing. There was no vocabulary, but an UNFORGETTABLE visceral reaction. This mysterious form of consciousness subsequently encapsulates and retains certain other memorable visceral reactions.
The next one includes a partly visual memory of my younger brother there, also nursing nude, at the other breast. There was no concept or understanding, just this unforgettable awareness- wonder and ‘query’- were present, and preserved.
Now I am thinking that in the Garden of Eden “I am naked!” was perhaps the first visceral reaction pattern.
My next such indelible important memory was involuntarily created -at about AGE THIRTEEN –
Total surprise at an ejaculation while massaging my self pleasantly, alone in the bathroom, - followed immediately by shock and fear!
My concerns were somewhat neutralized by an over riding sensation of pleasure, and a non- intellectual sense of well being Again, it was a visceral awareness encapsulating a memorable physical reaction.

At Age Twelve my first role model was Marvel Comics SUPERMAN. During recess I would watch and protect (Superman like) from afar- to be certain that Alice (the only girl in grade school who had obvious budding titivation) was not in any trouble or danger; - and, so long as I was watching, she NEVER WAS.

(Without knowing it, I discovered that my peace begins in me and includes others.)
My Father had meticulously kept every issue of LIFE magazine, in perfect order, from number one. They were shelved in the garage in bookcases he had assembled utilizing large empty wooden ammunition shipping crates as wooden shelves.
Eventually, when Mother figured out what I was probably doing for such frequent, long periods of time with my faithful Collie in the garage - she, on a hot summer day, without telling (or asking) anyone, emptied fifty feet of book and magazine shelf space. SHE DUMPED THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OUTSIDE AND HAD IT PICKED UP BY THE GARBAGE COLLECTORS before anyone else even knew what had happened.

That is when I learned that one man’s treasure could very quickly become his wife’s trash, and that one person’s morality can be someone else’s idea of a tragic failing.
Mother protested loudly and angrily at my Father for creating a temptation in the garage.
His explanation was that it was the only inheritance he knew how to afford for his family.
After the garage-blitzkrieg I started my own new “secret” image collection. It waxed and waned - in poetic rhythm with my developing “manhood”.
The morality question plagued me until I became convinced that pornography, as such, exists mostly in adult minds twisted out of shape by some kind of selfish, fearful, immoral, guilty motive of their own.
Pornography seemed, to me, to perhaps be a form of an ‘objects-de-art’ collection.
It now seems anomalous to me that people who vehemently single out pornography for destruction and condemnation claim that they never look at it, while the people who “look at it” don’t really care what it is called, or who objects.
Hence, the need for secrecy.
On one occasion, after looking under my mattress at the wrong time, and discovering a cache of ART NUDE Photography images, Mother loudly berated my Dad, and threatened never to allow him to take my younger brother and me traveling with him again on the road (he was a traveling salesman). She said to him loud enough to include our neighbors, “if this is what they are doing when they are with you, they would be better off without a Father!” This language, volume, and obvious error in judgment caused some kind of brain glitch for me - Ironically, both bad and good.
If a Mother does not teach her son how to be a man, some other woman will have to do it later at an even greater cost to everyone concerned… (A boy must learn to slay dragons and pull the sword from the stone in order to become a man.)

About that time I began to dream (only while asleep) that I was suddenly surprised at church without my clothes (caused by some hurried oversight when leaving home).
My sense of self-respect always clothed me until I could instantly wake up.

Eventually I got a camera and began making/taking/creating images (real and surreal) of my own.

One pleasant adolescent sexual adventure involved creating erections in class. Visceral responses are, perhaps, guideposts to transcendent experience.
In the eighth grade a BEAUTIFUL blonde girl in the desk behind me would slide down in her chair and extend her legs so her feet were under my desk. I would seize them with my feet and hold her during class. From time to time she would wiggle and struggle with her feet, in the friendliest way. Her name was Bonnie. We talked and took walks together after school.
My first year in high school I dated a beautiful (physically and probably emotionally) “serious-type cheerleader” with “The Most Beautiful Legs” (officially) in a student Body of 2500. We always/only went to the Drive In movie. We never saw the movie; we enjoyed necking, embracing, face, neck, and mouth kissing
(We didn’t know what else to do).
It was better than any movie. It was real to real. I hardly knew Carol when we started dating early in our sophomore year, and I hardly knew Carol when we stopped dating at the end of the school year.
We never talked and we never took walks, but, like Bonnie, she went away for the summer with her family and just “disappeared.”

Then came Barbara Jean. She was my first “serious” girl friend. We dated through high school. Then she eloped with a cowboy she met at The Hitching Post country western bar outside town, where Glen Campbell was performing before becoming famous.
Years later when we saw each other again she told me that she had eloped when I didn’t ‘show up’ the night we had agreed that she would leave her bedroom window open so I could climb in during the night.
She added jokingly, “Now I come with a dog, a cat, a child, and lots of credit cards!”

DURING THAT LENGTHY BREAK, I had graduated from college and Law School, practiced law, been married for twenty years and then divorced.
It is no wonder faith is so baffling to us. Not one of us can believe our own life.

Two years after our divorce, I bumped into my ex-wife on the street. She exclaimed, in mock surprise, “ I am really shocked to see you. I thought sure you would have starved by now!”

Relationship is dynamic. Divorce is not “a failure” until someone gives it that label.

While we were married, Cynthia and I invested ourselves in an idyllic year on Saipan. While I traveled throughout Micronesia, setting up the first Law Offices, ever, in each of the five District Centers (The Marshall Islands, Ponape, Truk, the Marianna Islands, and Yap), Cynthia taught a group of Micronesian women “Home Ec,” and personally showed them the island where they were living. Saipan is twelve miles long and four miles wide, and none of the women had ever seen the end of the island opposite where they lived. They all loved Cynthia – and vice-versa.
Lives, and the life of the mind, are different in the islands of the Pacific. There is a basic natural sense of community. Each adult recognizes and accepts instant responsibility for every child in the immediate vicinity, just by virtue of being there at the same time. (It is not a case of “out of sight out of mind” but rather a case of “children in view, I take care of you.”)

While traveling to and from Micronesia I discovered Hawaii, and am now living in Honolulu, in retirement.
The Spirit of Aloha in Hawaii is transcendence in the finite world!
It transforms everything.


The Law and the Profits
Early in my legal career my law partner and I won a hard fought court victory in Silver City against the operator of the largest open pit mine in the world. Our client was awarded substantial total and permanent disability benefits for the rest of his life after being forced to quit work as a miner, due to an inability to breathe normally - after working many years on the job as a miner.
A hardworking family man, the sole support of his wife and three young children, he was so relieved and so jubilant at this victory that he celebrated at a local bar that night. On the way home he lost control of his car and was killed when it hit a tree. He did not live long enough for his family to collect any of the benefits that had been awarded.

Later, while serving as an attorney at the Micronesian Legal Services Corporation offices on Saipan, in the early seventies, I was shocked, and then confused, one day by a new client from the community who came into the office in a blind rage to find out what she could do legally about the unspeakable insult she had just received from her neighbor.
When I asked what had happened she was barely able to control herself as she exploded: "SHE SHOWED ME HER TONGUE!"

The rest of this story is known as ‘History.’ (Art, Anthropology, Ethics, Sociology, Psychology, Pornography etc.) “History” begins with the famous Garden of Eden encounter between Eve and the serpent, when that ‘embodiment of evil’ showed Eve
As a result, nudity was discovered, and today pornography is the source of untold profits on the Internet, extensive criminal prosecution, expensive investigations and enforcement gambits, bribery, and the destruction of many lives in the name of morality.
‘It’ is the world’s most wide spread hobby, and ‘it’ has the largest Internet following in the history of the world.
Does any concerned conscientious citizen ever ask, “Why?”

I know little of speaking in tongues, but I definitely believe in speaking with tongues.
Preventive medicine makes sense; preventive morality is a profound, fatal fiction.
Did you ever see such a mish-mash of good people, bad people, good and bad things, conflicting opinions, special interests, governmental confusion, wasted resources, etc. etc. etc. etc. – as that created by the brouhaha about pornography?

Only religious fanatics are certain of anything, and the rest of us are loath to designate them as policy makers in any area more complicated than a simple witch trial.

The first time the term “vicarious experience” was explained to us in class in Middle School I knew that this is an important concept!

The concept of “vicarious experience” has evolved into ‘virtual reality’ – which now, in the computer age, means, literally, not reality.

In honor of our twelfth wedding anniversary I commissioned a ¾ life size Portrait of Cynthia and I in the Garden of Eden, circa, the beginning of time.
The painting was circular – like a clock, or the globe, – and it was encased in an elaborate freestanding, center hinged, rectangular wooden, furniture-like, frame - made by the artist’s husband, who was a furniture maker.
Cynthia and I posed over a period of several months in the studio-gallery of the artist, Miriam Sowers. On our twelfth anniversary the artist and her husband hosted an unveiling party at her gallery in Old Town (The ‘Georgetown’ of Albuquerque).

The artist and her husband invited friends and Cynthia and I invited our friends.
The unique “frame” included a water trough/plant holder at the base, which was filled with water and dry ice on the night of the “Opening” causing clouds of vapour to undulate around the base of the center-hinged, partly folded, free standing, giant two-piece work of art. It was artistic, creative, and beautiful. A local church later asked to display the piece in its sanctuary.
Around the circumference of the globe shaped painting – at the point where numbers would appear on a clock – there was twelve “private memory images” each representing an event in our marriage, which had occurred during the corresponding year.

Our two closest friends, a married couple we had known since Cynthia first came to Albuquerque, when she was thirteen, were invited and attended the unveiling party. They were uncharacteristically quiet at the celebration, and the next Sunday at church they refused to converse with us.
The wife told Cynthia, privately, that it would be best if we did not see each other any more.
All, because the subject matter of our portrait appeared to some subjective viewers to include nudity, although obscured by wispy clouds scattered across the three quarter life size “canvas” painted on Masonite. This proved to be a foreshadowing.

The boon of the Internet brought with it caricatures of many citizens, stored in FBI files, around the country. Such a file exists with my name on it in the Honolulu FBI office.
Because of the Honolulu legal case, which is my tribute to retirement, justice, our legal system, The Constitution, and Aloha - as discussed in my blog:

Offensive-Defensive defense lawyers in this civil case - Viciously and gleefully created a specious report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that intentionally caused a needless, lengthy hurtful secret illegal invasion of my privacy and a clandestine investigation of my morality for many months, - because unscrupulous persons (including, in this case, insurance carriers, and attorneys) attempted egoistically, selfishly, uncaringly, illegally --and successfully --to destroy the important meritorious and COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL claims, by my client, asking a court to honor her priceless, precious right to good faith treatment by a world renowned Real Estate Company in a contractual transaction where they intentionally defrauded her viciously.
. This fraud on the court and against humanity was -based solely on false allegations, including a claim of bad character against me.
The case is now on appeal, after the culprits colluded with the lower court to enforce a phony non-existent illegal “Settlement” to illegally end a million dollar suit for $40,000. (Something like an earlier 40 pieces of silver deal made in another back room.)

Unlike the Garden of Eden painting, these offenders never came to their senses.
(My friends finally, and then, immediately ‘made amends’ after the husband said to his wife one day, “I Think hell just froze over,” …and gave me a phone call.)
The court case is still pending, on appeal in The Intermediate Court of Appeals in Honolulu. In my professional opinion there has never been a more important case.

I have learned that one sure way to be “covered” by the media,
As a “prominent local attorney” is to ‘appear to appear naked in public’.

a. What A Concept! Sin, as the determining factor between “good” And “evil.” Add “punishment” and “reward,”
And “judging” becomes inevitable, in a melodrama making us “like gods.”
b. Our First Realization: We are running around naked!
c. First Correction: Cover our “privates” AND HIDE FROM GOD.
d. A brilliant finite Scenario; it continues to play to this very day.
Female nudity: (i.e. Eve at the moment of offering the “irresistible”
Forbidden fruit) is said to embody the presence of evil, leading to -
Depravity, and mistaken moral judgment.
e. This poetic perspective is far too finite to be taken seriously by any
(even slightly) enlightened being. . . . Or is it?
f. Pornography (like sin) is, considered by some to be, by definition, indefensible.
g. Morality by Vocabulary is both dangerous and unpredictable.
Witness the harm done throughout history in the name of love.

TODAY IS A GIFT, THAT’S WHY WE CALL IT “THE PRESENT” (so say we all at Alzheimer’s Anon)
This moment (in history) is the only moment there is?

Since becoming ‘aware’ for the very first time, (while nursing) I have known stuff.
What I am aware of knowing now is much greater than what I was aware of then.
Friendship for me has always been unselfish, - even when I managed things for my own benefit…

I have always known that my decisions must include an element of instinct/intuition/guidance beyond my own understanding. Sometimes this was a part of my consciousness, and sometimes not.

Ego has played a large role in my life.

Now ego is a bit less pro-active in my life and in my thinking.
This has been learned and cultivated intentionally.

Never have I called on ‘The Force’ (by that I mean the life force) and not received an answer.
I am aware that we all do it, and I would not even think of ridiculing anyone or their process – but that has not always been my truth.
The fact that I was influenced to memorize Bible verses from an early age has assisted me throughout my life, with understanding, and a realization that things I believed I understood at one time, now mean something much fuller and more meaningful to me, when I encounter them again.

I have been an out-and-out Christian from my preteens ‘til now, but I had to stop attending church services when I was in college, because one Sunday evening a college student asked our pastor in a college students service why our church teaches that all other religions are worthless, and yet many other religions are the subject of college level courses.
Our Pastor who was recognized as a leader of our denomination in this country, gave as his sincere answer:
“The best answer I can give is that it is similar to a beggar eating in the alley from a garbage dumpster, and when invited in to a sumptuous banquet inside, he chooses to continue to eat from the garbage bin.”
My mind wanted to rebel, but my heart simply walked out of the building taking me along with it.

Today I believe the church (any church) is important to young people and society, but, unfortunately, usually has less to offer to adults that have grown up in the church.
Now I am part of a magnificent vibrant Christian church in Honolulu. Because of its authentic spirit and leadership, it is one of the largest and most vibrant churches in the United States.
New Hope has a worldwide ministry using the Internet. (
The spirit of this church is sincere, honest, Christian, and inspiring.

I once saw a post on the Internet where the author said he envisioned his life as a series of episodes from Seinfeld.
That resonated with me as I read it, and resonates even more now.
For me gratitude is a given,
Sometimes I think the only prayer is ‘Thank You’
And the only gift is love…

Who can doubt that every hair on their head is numbered, once you realize that the principle of ‘Name Recognition’ funds the Internet, and ‘The Pleasure Principle’ still Cooks -With mileage back to creation?



3) WHEN COMING FROM A PLACE OF ABUNDANCE, THERE IS NO CONCEPT OF WASTE. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place of abundance…

4) When Thomas Edison invented man-made light he said, “genius is 99 percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.”
This was his finite way of saying:
After years of bloody hard, dedicated work, and enduring public ridicule,
When the divine spark is added a miracle occurs.

5) “Where there is fear, there is hate. It is unavoidable. You cannot live in isolation and not have fear. And whatever you are afraid of, you will also hate. Thought makes sure of that.
“We have a great responsibility to introduce the innocent child to wholeness rather than to our own fears, concepts, and prejudices. If the child becomes confused, vicious, or dogmatic, it is we who are responsible for it. But as long as we are still ruled by our thought, is it possible for us to be responsible?

“Is there a religion that is based on wholeness and therefore excludes no one? What a marvelous religion that would be! No one is excluded in the Christ. The Christ state is the most subtle of states – it is not physical or mental. It knows no limitation but is a state of being in which all is One. When you become part of that state you too are part of the One. You could be Jewish or Moslem, but you would still be part of the One. This state is independent of the body and its thought system, for it is part of the Oneness in which there is no separation. It is innocent of the ways of unreality and illusion.”
Quoted from “NOTHING REAL Can Be Threatened” -by Tara Singh.
My favorite example:
In a perfectly created, perfectly ordered universe every moment and every morsel matters.
In an unsystematic, random-selection universe,
Nothing really matters, except science – whatever that means…

The Jig Is Up!

Is now, also, BEGINNING

Now, there is a time for everything…

In the beginning was the word,
And the word was with God,
And the word was God
The evil one tricked Eve into believing that there is a crucial difference
Between Good and Evil,
And the world of opposites was BORN

Today is the beginning of the end of the world of opposites
And all that it symbolizes…

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