Saturday, May 30, 2009


Learning starts at birth and continues until death. It is centered in the brain.

When we were just passed thirty, my wife and I traveled to Micronesia, where we lived for a year on the island of Saipan.

While we were living in Micronesia we visited surrounding people and places. In the Japanese countryside, we stayed in a Riochan (a simple country hotel with tatami mats on the floor, sliding bamboo shutters for doors and windows, silence and gentle movements, plus isolated night time revelry in a private room reserved for men’s sake parties).

While out walking one day we met a local Japanese artist, who was displaying his works of art. I acquired a simple (profound) black and white drawing showing artistic calligraphy (sumiee) characters in Japanese, which translated as “I Am Happy Like A Fish.”

Today I realized that the basic (bottom-line) difference between a fish and a woman is that a fish cannot speculate.

The art work, today, enlightens my wall in Honolulu, - almost forty years later.

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