Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A Series of Essays Written on the Threshold of A Brave New World

We have collected, over the years, a diverse set of examples of ‘humanity in action’ and none is as shameful as we like to tell ourselves…

The GOLDEN RULE is enlightenment in capsule form.
(It could be correctly known as ‘THE GOLDEN PROJECTILE’.)

There is a pre-supposition (condition precedent) that for ideal application the ‘actor’ must first love the actor. Otherwise the standard is flawed from the beginning.

Perhaps the greatest example in recent history might be Nazi Germany.
The internal conflict between the Germans and the Jews destroyed the Master Plan to rule the world with elitist creatures of an elitist state.

Two determined human philosophies clashed directly, representing ‘outer limits’ forms of polar opposite societies.
Each tainted with its own form of flawed self-love.

The Holocaust perhaps one day, will be known as HUMANITY’S GATEWAY.

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  1. World War II could be viewed in retrospect as an esoteric example of the philosophy of yin and yang taking effect to balance competing considerations in a world out of balance.