Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Love

Dozens of Gig Harbor High School students demonstrated outside the school Monday to protest an official’s decision to show parents surveillance video of their daughter kissing another girl.
The controversy arose after the school’s dean of students, Keith Nelson, saw the two kissing and holding hands and found video of it on the surveillance system. He showed it to the parents of one of the girls because they had asked to be kept apprised of her behavior.
The parents moved the girl to a different school district after watching it.
Classes continued during the disruption, said Principal Greg Schellenberg. He said he congratulated the students on holding a peaceful demonstration. The protesters wore T-shirts that said “free Love” and waved peace signs. Schellenberg agreed that it was wrong to show the surveillance video to the parents, and said that from now on school officials may only use the surveillance for security monitoring and discipline for actions such as trespassing, vandalism and fighting.

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