Sunday, May 10, 2009

One Interpretation of The Garden of Eden Allegory About Temptation, and IT'S SUNDAY IN HAWAII

Man (Adam) and woman (Eve) were both imbued with the Holy Spirit at creation, but man (being man) took it all in stride and waited for priorities to emerge. Eve (being woman) focused immediately on the forbidden fruit (and the drama it promised).

The evil serpent that is always turning a woman’s head entered on cue, and offered Eve a succulent bite of something that was forbidden. It should have been Adam’s job to watch and protect her, but he was somewhere else in the Garden at the time, and Eve did what women do. (She knew she should have called on Adam for his help, but secretly didn’t really believe he would come through for her.)

When Adam showed up Eve immediately told him about her wonderful adventure and offered him some of the forbidden fruit. Adam accepted, what he chose to see as a favor from an attractive lady, and we all got fucked.

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