Sunday, May 10, 2009

ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP (In HAWAII it's the Spirit of Aloha)

You can search for someone your entire life and still not find them. You can pretend that you're happy, at least ‘til you look in the mirror. Sometimes the simplest of things can seem difficult, and answers to your problems are right under your nose. Simple? Not really.
At times, in order to get to the roots you have to chop down the tree. The same might be true for you. In order to know what you want in another person, you must first know what you want in yourself. (PLATITUDES ARE NEXT TO TRUTH)

You may not even require or even want another person in your life right now. Who says that you have to get married? Or have kids? (Probably your parents.)
Just because they ‘had’ you doesn't mean you are obligated to give them grandchildren. You can have the best relationship in your life, better than anything else - the ultimate. You don’t have to look for it because the person is already in your life.

The ultimate relationship is with you, so indulge in the fascination. Marriage, children and grandchildren are all extensions of the ultimate relationship and only if you want.

Take a moment now and look inside of yourself. What are your wants? Needs? Are they both the same? Are you dancing to your heartbeat? You’ll find all the answers underneath the barriers, pretense and confetti. They were always there, but not always seen, not even by your self.

Do you feel that you want to share the answers with someone? ANYONE? They are probably still new to you. The relationship starts as being one-dimensional. The dialogue is between you and ‘the mirror’ and you discover each other inner mostly. You decide whether you don’t want to be alone.

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    Then, one thing led to another, and by 1964 Robert Altman was producing a film called: "Pret-a-Porter" (Ready to Wear) in which Clothing Ruled!